The professional software for complete PC monitoring


The professional software for complete PC monitoring


After the purchase you will receive within a few minutes an email with a download link and a registration-ID. If you have purchased more than one license, you will receive a corresponding number of registration-IDs.
Click on the link to download the installation software. You must copy this installation software to the PC to be monitored and start it there. If, contrary to expectations, the virus scanner should raise an alarm, deactivate the virus scanner during installation. Please email us at with the name and version of this virus scanner. If possible, include a screenshot of the error message.
After entering your registration-ID, SPY66 is automatically installed on the PC.
After the successful installation you should activate the virus scanner again.
SPY66 is active after a restart of the PC. Please be sure to set the SPY66 settings beforehand, which you can make via the Internet using a PC, laptop or mobile phone.

You can set many of SPY66's options/parameters at any time via a web page (the URL will be communicated to you together with the registration-ID) and no longer need to connect to the PC to be monitored. Important: Here you can also set how often SPY66 should read in these settings. The default setting is every minute. This is only useful for test purposes, so you should change it soon.
Even a deletion of SPY66 is possible.

Special Features
You need a special function which is not available in SPY66? Send us an email to info [at]

You have a question or you need support? Send us an email to info [at]

Please note: depending on the legal situation in the country in which you use SPY66, the use of this software is ONLY permitted on a PC or laptop that belongs to you or that you do have authorization for. You are obliged to notify users of these devices that they are being monitored. You must inform your employees in advance about the use of this software. The software is intended only for children and employees monitoring.
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